Bosscha Observatory is a research institution with specific programs. Equipped with supporting facilities, obervatorium is the central research and development of astronomy in Indonesia. As part of the Faculty of Science – ITB, Bosscha Observatory provide services for undergraduate and graduate education in the ITB, especially for Astronomy Program, Faculty – ITB. Multidisciplinary research is also conducted at these institutions, for example in the field of optics, instrumentation and control engineering, digital data processing, and others. Established in 1923, Bosscha Observatory is not only the oldest observatory in Indonesia, but also still the only obervatorium in Indonesia.

Bosscha Observatory is a modern astronomical research institutions in Indonesia. The observatory is managed by the Bandung Institute of Technology and took over as facilitator of the research and development of astronomy in Indonesia, supporting the education of undergraduate and graduate astronomy at ITB, and has a community service activity.

Bosscha Observatory also has a unique role as the only major observatory in Indonesia, even in Southeast Asia so far. This role is accepted with full responsibility: the enforcement of astronomy in Indonesia.

In the community service program, through lectures, discussions and guided visits to the facility binoculars to see objects the sky, as well as the public was introduced to the beauty of the scientific description of the universe. With this Bosscha Observatory serves as a scientific institution that is not only a place to think and work of professional astronomers, but also a place for the community to recognize and appreciate science. In the terminology of modern economics, Bosscha Observatory serves as public good.

In 2004, the Observatory Bosscha Cultural Objects declared by the Government. Therefore the existence Bosscha Observatory protected by Law No. 2/1992 on Cultural Heritage Objects. Subsequently, in 2008, the Government set Bosscha Observatory as one of the national vital objects to be secured.

Bosscha Observatory serves as homebase for astronomical research in Indonesia.

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